Gluten Free Dining

“Do you have a gluten-free menu?”

And when the answer is no…  “Is — gluten-free?”, “Can you ask the cook if there’s wheat in this?”, “Sorry one more question, is the — gluten free?”…

Skipping over the basics, I’ve decided to blog specifically for the gluten-intolerant living in the Indy area, like myself. It is almost impossible to play it cool when going to lunch during the work week, and it can be embarrassing when going out to dinner.  I tend to over-think everything and never make quick decisions when it comes to food in the first place. Food is a cherished item in my opinion, and everyone deserves the convenience of a satisfying and smooth order.  So instead of going through the hassle of quizzing every server on their knowledge of gluten and their menu, I want to record and share my research to make everyone’s life a little easier.

Here’s a small list of some of my favorites so far;

Patachou Cafe

  • Offers Udi’s Gluten-Free bread with sandwiches or for toast

BRU Burger

  • Gluten Free buns for tasty burgers!
  • Salads – chopped salad is amazing
  • Hummus dip with cucumbers instead of bread


  • Gluten-Free crust and the pizza is just as outstanding as before

PF Chang’s

  • Gluten-Free menu is great


  • Awesome Gluten-Free menu

Granite City

  • Has gluten free menu

California Pizza Kitchen

  • Good GF Pizza


  • GF soup choices

Old Point Tavern

  • Meat Chili is GF and delicious (Vegetable Chili is NOT gf)
  • Chips as side or for Nachos


  • Chicken and meats are fine
  • Queso is GF
  • Shredded cheese is NOT- this made me sick


  • Make your own pizza with Gluten-free crust
  • Vegan cheese is gluten-free


  • Chips and guacamole/salsa
  • A few tacos; including the Rajas

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