7-Day Gluten-Free Meal Plan

Since May is Celiac Awareness Month, the Celiac Disease Foundation has provided GF meal suggestions for the entire month! Thinking of gluten-free meals to make is a research and time investment in itself.

Love Sorghum

The Celiac Disease Foundation is celebrating Celiac Awareness Month with a seven-day gluten-free meal plan to help people who are newly-diagnosed with celiac disease adjust to the gluten-free diet. Below is a chart of the meal plan.


At their website there are links to recipes for each of the meals. The plan provides three meals and two snacks for each day and the recipes are easy and designed for busy families with children. This plan is especially helpful to parents of children with celiac disease and gluten disorders, as the recipes a very kid-friendly.

This meal plan is part of CDF’s toolkit to help people with gluten-related disorders monitor and manage the illness. The toolkit includes a symptom checklist and a nationwide directory of practitioners specializing in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Look for these items under “Resources” on the right sidebar of their website.

CDF is also sponsoring a…

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